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The History of Smudging

The use of sage is for healing. The smoke is used to bless, and cleanse. Sage is symbolically as a washing or cleansing of the "outside world" when one enters into ceremony or other sacred space. Objects are cleansed off using sage medicine smoke. The plants called sage can come from a different variety of Sage family of plants.

Smudging In The New Millennium

Smudging or burning of sage is an ancient spiritual practice used by Native Americans that continues to be well respected in the New Millennium in and outside of the spiritual community. There are others that we often forgot to mention who used sage for numerous reasons.

Sage is most commonly used today for spiritual practices not limited to the following mentioned below:

  1. Prayer ( Used before or during prayers )

  2. Meditation

  3. Cleansing

  4. Purifying

  5. Wellness practices all around the world ( calming )

  6. scent

many continue to use sage for all of the same reasons the Indigenous people, Shamans, Religious, Spiritual and even people that were not affiliated with any one group of people. One thing is clear in the New Millennium, Smudging or burning of sage is here to stay. We are going to discuss the Pros and Cons of this practice known as Smudging or burning of sage.

My Introduction To Sage

I was first introduced to Sage as a young child and during this time it was simply not something we thought to speak openly about. Although not communicated with me as a young child it's full purpose or intent, there was something about it that felt somehow spiritual for me. In later years it was explained exactly why we "Saged" is what we referred to it as back then.

As a young adult I continued this tradition any time it was necessary and it never failed. Over the years I would find local farmers markets to purchase Sage for energetic cleansing, prayer or meditation. During times of high stress burning sage before prayer brings me a sense of peace and comfort. The up and coming metaphysical popup shop currently located in Queen Creek, Arizona offers a variety of sage types. The online store is expected to be updated fully by 2024.

Intention Setting

To be continued, this blog will be added to weekly until complete.

Setting the stage for Releasing

To be continued, this blog will be added to weekly until complete.

Importance of Positive Thinking

To be continued, this blog will be added to weekly until complete.

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