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Updated: Nov 5, 2022

What Are Chakras?

All living things has chakras system known as "Energy Centers" or "Energy Vortexes".

Everything all around us is energy operating on it's own frequency or vibration this includes our bodies, thoughts, actions, emotions and even our mind. The Chakras are energy centers located throughout our bodies. We cannot see energy but we all sure can feel it. When you enter into a room, you can feel the energy within the space, and this energy can feel uplifting or it can be deflating. Let's talk about the term "Chakra" and what it means, "Chakra" means "Wheel". We have energy centers known as wheels that are in our bodies and we often hear about seven main Chakras that create energy life force and are each associated with a color and energy. These energy centers can become blocked and when blocked may cause psychological, physical and emotional problems. When these energy centers are unblocked it can result in happiness and better health.

The Chakra system has been used for thousands of years prior to the official invention of physical medicine. Our Chakras are linked to our nervous system, it is important to know that we are more than our physical bodies. Each of the Chakras has it's unique shape, color, name and location within the body. If you are drawn to a certain color on any given day, chances are you intuitively know there may be a need for balancing of that chakra and or unblocking. Our bodies are in constant communication with the mind. There are several other symptoms that can help you identify if you chakra is closed and or needs balancing.

There are a total of one hundred-fourteen chakras throughout the body and we most frequently hear about seven. The seven chakras are aligned down the center of our bodies starting from the base of our spine and ending at the top of our head.

In the photo pictured, you can see the seven main chakras and the location and color.



( Muladhara Chakra ) also known as the first wheel of energy located at the base of the spine and is connected to the Earth element. The root chakra helps us to connect to the earth and when it is balanced we feel grounded, emotionally safe and a strong connection to nature and enjoy being outside. When the root chakra is blocked you may feel fear and anxious.

Survival, Family, Security, Food, Shelter

The color associated with the root chakra is RED

Possible reasons of blockages: Guilt, Fear

Affirmation: " I am"

Body: Legs, Bones, Rectum, Immune system, Large intestine, teeth, feet

Element: Earth

Action: Facing your fears head on by challenging those fears to allow you to feel safe.


( Svadhishthana Chakra ) also known the second wheel of energy located above the root chakra. Known as the second Chakra. The sacral is located in the area of your pubic bone, below your belly button. This charka is responsible for desire, sexuality, and creation. When the sacral chakra is balanced, you will be able to express and experience your desires fully. You will be able to connect to your creativity with ease. When this chakra is blocked your sex drive and confidence may be low.

Sexuality, Creativity

The color associated with the Sacral Chakra is ORANGE

Possible reasons for blockages: Sexual abuse, Trauma, rape, gender issues

Affirmation: "I feel"

Body: Kidneys, hip area, bladder, appendix, pelvis, genitals, womb, lower back pain, menstrual pain, loss of appetite

Element: Water

Action: Start by using using your emotions to connect with others to freely express your creativity and healthy emotional sexuality.


( Manipura Chakra ) also known as the Navel Chakra is the third energy wheel. The solar plex is located between your heart and your belly button and is responsible for our willpower. When open, you will feel empowered and able to accomplish your goals with ease. You will have healthy boundaries and stick to them. When this chakra is blocked, you will have a difficult time with following through on your plans and goals you have set. There could be repressed anger and issues of control related to your power.

Self-Esteem, Power, Courage

The color associated with the Solar Plex Chakra is YELLOW

Possible reasons for blockages: Lack of control, suppressed anger

Affirmation: "I can"

Body: Stomach, Upper intestines, middle spine, spleen, liver

Element: Fire

Action: Start owning and walking in your power.


( Anahata Chakra ) is the fourth energy wheel that connects the three physical chakras to the three spiritual Chakras. The heart chakra is located at the center of your chest.

When it is balanced and open you will feel acceptance and compassion for yourself and others. You will also have the ability to to forgive with ease and be more generous. ( note forgiveness is for you and allows you to free yourself up energetically ) When the heart chakra is blocked, you will have a difficult time trusting others and a critic of yourself and others. This prevents you from seeing value in yourself and others.

Love, Compassion, Hope

The color associated with the Heart Chakra is GREEN

( additional colors associated with the heart chakra is PINK )

Possible reasons for blockages: Grief, heartache

Affirmation: " I love"

Body: Breasts, Heart, lungs, arms, ribs, shoulders, circulatory system, diaphragm

Element: Air

Action: Start with adding in self love and caring for and about yourself more frequently.


( Vishuddhi Chakra ) is the fifth energy wheel and the first of the three spiritual chakras. The throat chakra is located at the center of your throat. The throat chakra is responsible for our ability to express ourselves verbally, through singing, talking or writing. When this chakra is balanced you will be able to express your thoughts and desires easily. When blocked you will have a difficult time sharing your thoughts and may experience fear of public speaking. You will also have a difficult time speaking your truth. When you have a difficult time being truthful chances are your throat chakra is blocked.


The color associated with the Throat Chakra is BLUE

Possible reasons for blockages: difficulty expressing yourself, not speaking up, suppressing creative gifts, not speaking your truth

Affirmation: "I speak"

Body: Throat, Trachea, neck vertebrae, mouth, teeth and gums, esophagus, hypothalamus, shoulders, arms, hands,

Element: Sound

Action: Start by speaking your truth and being honest with yourself first and you will become more comfortable speaking your truth to others.


( Ajna Chakra ) reflects our intuition and is the sixth energy wheel. Your third eye chakra is located inside your brain and is on the same plane as our pineal gland, most a familiar with the third eye as the we visualize on our foreheads. It looks and functions much like an eye an dis sometimes called the spiritual eye and has many myths associated that are untrue. When this chakra is out of balance, you will have difficulty making decisions and may have a difficulty sleeping. When this chakra is balanced you can experience auras and you will feel more in tune with the spirit realm and receive psychic messages when your third eye is open.


The color associated with the Third Eye Chakra is ROYAL BLUE /INDIGO BLUE

Possible reasons for blockages: Not trusting or being connected to your intuition

Affirmation: "I see"

Body: Brian, nervous, system, eyes, ears, nose

Element: Light

Action: Add in visualization meditations to help you to see past the physical planes.


( Sahasrara Chakra ) is the seventh and symbolizes our spiritual essence. The crown chakra is located at the very top of your head. When your crown chakra is open you will feel peaceful, nonjudgmental and connected to the Divine. When this charka is out of balance you will notice yourself overly focused on the physical world and the ego and lacking a connection to the Divine.


The color associated with the Crown Chakra is VIOLET

( additional colors associated with the crown chakra are WHITE, RAINBOW and GOLD )

Possible reasons for blockages: Lack belief or trust in the divine, disconnection from the divine.

Affirmation: "I know"

Body: Muscular system, skeletal system, skin, cerebral cortex, central nervous system

Element: Thought

Action: Start with adding in a spiritual practice to help you to connect to the Divine. Feeling and being connected to the Divine source.


Getting down to the truth about chakras and debunking the myths associated with the chakras due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of the energy body.

  1. They do not really exist; however this could not be further from the truth. Our energy bodies are impacted in a variety of ways, physically and emotionally when our chakras are closed or out of balance. One open or unblocked, you will be able to identify a difference.

  2. There are only seven chakras. As stated previously we have over one hundred-fourteen chakras throughout our body.

  3. Having an open chakra is better than a balanced chakra. It is important to have balance and this rule does not differ when it comes to our chakras.

  4. Healing our chakras is quick and easy. This could not be further from the truth. Depending on the levels of Trauma and different experiences, this could take several sessions. I typically work with my clients for a total of seven sessions.

  5. No one has control over their chakras. Everyone has the ability to open and balance their chakras through a variety of methods mentioned here.

  6. Professional healers can open your chakras in one session. This could take up to several sessions.

  7. Only the spiritual chakras matter. All of our chakras have different functions and different purpose. Each chakra is connected to various organs and all serve an important purpose in helping us to function.

  8. Healing can only happen if you are affiliated with a specific religion. There are plenty of people who are spiritual and not necessary religious who experience healing and balancing of their chakras. This is false. The chakras are associated with our energy body. Everyone has a physical body and we are all made up of energy.

  9. Chakra healing is a form of dark or demonic ritual. Charka healing has nothing to do with any type of demonic rituals. This could not be further from the truth. Healing your chakras helps you with awareness and consciousness because you are infusing light into all three areas, mind, body and spirit.

* It is important to be patient with yourself if you are working on healing your chakras.


It is important to note that our spiritual Chakras help us focus on our connection to the Divine and our Higher self. The lower Chakras are our physical Chakras and ground us as humans on Earth. While there are plenty of other myths out there centered around the Chakras they are simply "myths" untruths.


Start with the following exercise:

Hands: put your hands in a clapping position as if you have just clapped and rub them together, moving up and down as you feel the warmth of your hands you are activating the chakras in your hands.

Hold your hands about about one inch apart with palm of hands facing each other. Notice if you can feel the energy coming from your hands. Then proceed to slowly move your hands, stretching them further apart. Do this until you can no longer feel the energy. I like to do this exercise and imagine I have a ball of energy between my hands ( because this is exactly what it is ) and I work with the ball. This will take a bit of practice and it's an excellent way to get started with having the awareness of our own energy. You can also feel the major chakras by placing your hands in the area of your forehead or heart chakra, as you are taking in deep breath through your nose and slowly exhaling, you are also able to feel the energy of the chakra. This may take a bit of practice and will become much easier to feel with more practice.


If one chakra is out of balance it can have an effect on the other chakras too.

It does take time to heal multiple chakras and can be done. It usually takes several sessions.

Yoga, Meditation, Crystals, Breathwork, Visualizations, Essential Oils, Reiki, or an Energy Practitioner can help with healing of the chakras.

Sound Healing

The musical notes reverberate in your eardrum and allows you to hear the notes. The frequency of music helps to heal our bodies, open and balance our chakras. There are a variety of "Hertz" also known as "Hz" in which we can listen to music to help bring calm to us. Below are the various frequency or Hz in which you can listen to to help tune your body. You may desire a combination of music with other healing modalities.

Root Chakra 432 Hz

Sacral Chakra 480 Hz

Solar Plex 528 Hz

Heart Chakra 594 Hz

Throat Chakra 672 Hz

Third Eye Chakra 720 Hz

Crown Chakra 768 Hz

I enjoy using a variety of Hz but must add 528Hz repairs DNA and 432Hz is known as the miracle tone. There are additional Hz that are shared in book three of the Jamm with Me, A Journey To Your Higher Self; Meditation A Bridge To Finding Peace Witin. This book is available on Amazon and @


Having a space of your own to enter into will encourage you to do the work. Here are a handful of tools that are recommended to help get you started. note you can take your time to build up your spiritual tools:

White Sage



Palo Santo


Meditation cushion



These tools are available for purchase @

additional products coming soon.

Stay Tuned for more information to be added about our chakras, buckle your seat belts as we dive in deeper each week. In the meantime, visit the sage shop for books available to help you get your journey to your higher self started. Shanta Generally, is an Author, Mentor, Spiritual Mindset Coach and Advanced Energy Crystal Energy Healer who use's a variety of Modalities in her energy sessions. She is also the host of the popular podcast, Authentic Talks 2.0 with Shanta and she holds certifications in meditation and more available on any of your favorite podcast platforms. Please note my coaching business is under Authentic You Mindset, LLC and to schedule a free consultation please visit AYMBEYONDTHEPHYSICAL.COM


We are not affiliated with any coaching programs under the title authentic talks. Authentic Talks 2.0 is the name of the popular podcast. All websites associated with Shanta Generally are listed here.

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