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Healing My Inner Child

Updated: Oct 1, 2022


Growth Happens when we are tired of being stuck

Welcome to Authentic talks 2.0 Blog I am Shanta Generally, The host of the popular Podcast, Authentic Talks 2.0, and I wear many titles but what's most important is I am a Mother of six, a wife and now add Grammie to my title. I want to dive on into today's topic which is inner child healing.

We are never too old to heal the little one inside of us. When you have had to face a situation as a child that left you feeling broken, confused, misused, abused, neglected

( you can fill in the word there ) and we have not dealt with this and healed from it, we can have behaviors that we have no idea why we do those things. Often times as we become older we start to realize the importance of freeing up ourselves energetically and in what ways living with these unhealed events have impacted our lives and in what ways it continues to impact us. We all have a little one inside that is waiting and ready to reconnect.

This little one is known as "The Inner Child" and the good news is you can do "Inner Child Work" to help you in many areas of your life. Below I have listed a handful of ways that healing your inner child and reconnecting can help.

  1. Develop healthy coping skills

  2. Reconnect to our passions and dreams

  3. Improve emotional intelligence

  4. True self connection

  5. Increased confidence plus so much more.

I have found journaling to be therapeutic throughout the process of healing my inner child.

Personal Development

We were all introduced to personal development at a young age in our life. It started with simple things that we may not view as personal development but, it is. An example would be us learning to brush our teeth and take a bath.

As we get older, it is extremely important to be aware that personal development must continue. This includes healing parts of ourselves that we have locked away for many years and depending on your age it can be as much as fifty plus years and the good news like I mentioned before is that it is never too late to heal.


Inner child wounds are broken up into four categories

  1. Abandonment

  2. Trust

  3. Guilt

  4. Neglect


  1. Difficulty expressing your emotions

  2. Patterns of self sabotaging stories

  3. Fear of being abandoned

  4. Often stressed or worried

  5. Not feeling heard or understood and more.

Authentic Talks presents, Healing My Inner Child Journal where you will be "Transforming & Learning Knowledge of Self" by addressing the parts of you that have been hidden for far too long. This journal book is now available on Amazon and at to help you get started on your journey to becoming your best self. Reparenting is an amazing tool that can be overlooked. The benefits are invaluable as to what healing your inner child can do for you and in what ways it can improve the relationships in your life.

This journal book was created intentionally to help you thrive and purposefully priced affordably at $7.99 making it available for all income ranges. My purpose is to help those who are ready to take the next step. I am Shanta Generally, A metaphysical counselor, A Life Coach, Mentor, Author and The host of the popular podcast "Authentic Talks 2.0 " which is available any of your favorite platforms.

I have added a link below. Sending you my best as you get started on healing and reconnecting to your inner child. Share with family and friends and keep them in mind when it comes to the gift of giving for Birthdays and or Holidays, this journal would make an amazing gift. Check out other products, and services by Shanta Generally @ and @ connect with the podcast on social media.

Additional books by Shanta are available on Amazon.

Jamm with Me A Journey To Your Higher Self, is a five part book series available on Amazon order your copies today.

Thank you for visiting and please continue to come back for more blog posts.

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