Journaling, Affirmations, Meditation, Mindfulness 



are daily practices in my life. My Jamms

Certified Master Mindset Coach,

Advanced Crystal Practitioner,

Spiritual Mentor, and I do believe

"Mindset is Everything  

It All starts with our Thoughts".

“It's a funny thing about life, once you begin to take note of the things you are grateful for, you begin to lose sight of the things that you lack.”
― Germany Kent


I Am Shanta, Host of AuthenticTalks 2.0

 Hello and welcome! 

 I am glad you are here. 

 I am a Certified Spiritual Master Mindset Coach and Advanced Crystal Practitioner.

 Through mindset, motivation, inspiration  and meditation I show you practical ways to establish a deeper spiritual connection so you can experience a life filled with meaning and understand you are here on purpose with a purpose. 

Transforming And Learning Knowledge of Self, is what these talks are all about. knowing who you are and the value you add is so important.  

I have a message for you, Do not buy into what the world says about you. You have greatness in you. 

Do not let your mind control you, Take back your mind. What we focus on Grows. Our Thoughts have magnetic power and you can manifest things in your life, be mindful of what you spend your time thinking about most. 

Our minds are like a muscle, we must exercise it and practice.

The defining moment that brought me to where I am today, coaching people like you on exactly what to do to achieve the kind of life you want happened when all of the relationships in my life were being tested one by one and some of those relationships ending and making space for new relationships to form.

  During this time all of the things I had pushed deep down inside came gushing up and I found myself with enough baggage to fill an 18 wheeler and recognizing it was full was half the battle. As I began to unpack my 18 wheeler, I found fear, lack of self love, self doubt and that I didn't understand my worth.


Although I was happily married it was other close relationships falling apart that lead me into a depression.  Sometimes it takes things falling apart to help us get to where we need to be.

I decided to it was time to go back to school, and in the process of learning, it was through healing that I realized this is what I am supposed to do. Help others just like you! 

I had faced many battles in my life from being homeless as a teen, growing up with domestic violence in the home, family with drug abuse and many other traumatic experiences. It was time to unpack that 18 wheeler and I want to help you to unpack too.  

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Signature Coaching Program


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