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Bringing Back the Vision:

Why Vision Boards are Still Important in 2023

Starting your dream life can be easy because we’re bringing back the vision with vision boards in 2023! Taking the time to identify and visualize your goals for the year can be a great way to stay motivated to achieve them. With a vision board, the possibilities are endless, and the future can be brighter than ever.

Vision boards have been around since the beginning of time and have been used by millions of people to manifest their dreams and goals. Unfortunately, many people have moved away from using vision boards and you may be wondering if they’re still relevant in 2023. The answer is: absolutely! Vision boards are just as relevant today as ever.

They are a tangible and visual way to manifest your goals. Whether it's a physical poster or a digital version, vision boards are a great reminder of your dream life. Seeing your pictures and inspirational quotes really helps to keep your motivation high.

So, don't let the digital age stop you from creating a vision board. Whether it's a physical version or an online version, vision boards are still a great way to get and stay motivated and inspired. Using your creativity and imagination, you can make your vision board as unique and inspiring as you.

Why Do We Need Vision Boards?

Vision boards are an incredible tool for manifesting the life of your dreams. By creating a physical representation of your goals, you’re more likely to do the work necessary to bring them to life. Not only do vision boards help to keep you focused on achieving your goals, but they also serve as a reminder of what you are working towards and why.

Creating a vision board is a fun and creative process that can help you to prioritize your goals in order to stay on track. It’s a great way to get organized, set yourself up for success, and achieve your goals.

When creating your vision board, it’s important to focus on the positive, use meaningful words and phrases, and pick images that truly resonate with you. Doing this will ensure that your vision board gives you the motivation you need to persevere.

Vision boards can also help keep you accountable, attract positive energy, and manifest your dreams. Additionally, they’re a great way to keep your goals at the forefront of your mind and are an excellent reminder of why they are important to you.

How to Use Vision Boards to Stay Inspired

Vision boards are an incredibly useful and powerful motivational tool that can help you to achieve your goals. Creating a vision board is a fun and creative way to stay on track with your plans for the year and make sure you’re achieving everything you set out to achieve.

Here are five tips on how to make the most out of your vision board:

Set Clear Goals: Before you begin creating your vision board, take some time to set clear goals for yourself. Reflect on what you want to accomplish for the year, and write down your goals. This will give you a better idea of what you want to include on your vision board.

Collect Pictures and Quotes: Once you’ve figured out your goals, start collecting items that represent your goals. You can use quotes, photos, magazine cutouts, drawings, or anything else that represents what you’re trying to achieve.

Construct Your Vision Board: Once you have all the items you need, arrange them on your vision board. Take some time to consider the placement of each item and make sure it’s exactly the way you would want it to look.

Hang it Somewhere You Can See It: Hang your vision board somewhere you can easily see it every day. This could be on the wall in your bedroom, office, or even the refrigerator door. Just ensure that your vision board is somewhere that you will constantly come across it.

Review Your Goals: Every few months, take a moment to review your vision board to determine how much you have achieved for the year so far. Reviewing your vision board frequently will motivate you to keep going when you realize you’re making progress on your plans.

The Top Five Benefits to Creating a Vision Board

1.) Helps you to set your intentions

2.) Helps you to remain inspired

3.) Creates positive vibes and something tangible you can see daily

4.) Helps you to remain focused and you can add to it as needed

5.) It's Fun and allows you to connect to your creative side.

Not Enough Time In The Day for Creating A vision Board?

If you do not have the time to create a vision board do not worry. Introducing digital vision boards to clients has been lots of fun. This may not be the traditional way that people are doing things but here is how we are getting down in 2023 and then we will get into the traditional digital vision board.

Digital Creation

Now, keep in mind to use what resonates with you. Before Pinterest it was all about word. Using a word document or some sort of software to add images onto and hit the streets of the cyber world. I enjoy using a snipping tool that allows me to snip an image and paste it onto my document. I also find quotes that are inspiring. I know many of you may be aware of Pinterest and how amazing this space is for Digital vision boards and if you are not aware I got you covered.

What is An Electronic Vision Board?

A digital vision board is simply an online version of the traditional vision board. It uses images, words, and phrases that represent your goals and dreams in the same way a physical vision board would.

Creating a digital vision board is simple and fun. First, decide what your goals are for the year; this could be anything from career goals to travel plans. Once you have identified your goal, the next step is to find images and words that represent it. You can search online for pictures or create your own. You can also add quotes, affirmations, or words of encouragement to your vision board.

Once you’ve collected all your images and words, it's time to make your digital vision board. There are several free online tools for creating digital vision boards that you can choose from or you could use a photo editor or collage maker to create your vision board.

Once your vision board is complete, you can keep it somewhere where will view it often, such as your desktop wallpaper or phone background. You can also post it on your social media accounts to share your goals with others and to stay accountable


The best way to get started is to go to Pinterest and create an account and explore the space. Select your interests and create your vision board. You have the option to Create an idea pin or pin where you find images and pin them to your digital goal or vision board. within this space you are able to create more than one board which can be lots of fun. I encourage you to get started today. Find what resonates with you and get it started sooner than later.

Creative Journaling Vision Boards

This can be so much fun for all of you journal lovers. It also adds a little flavor to your Journaling, thus making it creative journaling. Using a Journal or a notebook you can write positive quotes, draw images, add photos and images from magazine's just as you would with a vision board but this is the size of a book allowing you to take your vision on the go.

Final Thoughts

Creating a vision board, whether physical or digital, will inspire you to work toward your goals and help you to remain motivated and inspired to make them become a reality. It's never too late to achieve your dreams, you can start by creating a vision board for 2023. Visualize your goals and take small steps each day to make them a reality. You have the power to make your dreams come true, so, get creative and have some fun crafting your vision board today!

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