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Meditation - a Bridge to Finding Peace Within

Meditation - a Bridge to Finding Peace Within

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Jamm with Me, a Journey to Your Higher Self Series

Meditation - a Bridge to Finding Peace Within


If you are new to Meditation or have been meditating for a while this book is an amazing tool to add into your home Library. The Ultimate Guide to Using the Power of Meditation for Achieving success with unlocking Joy and a Tranquil Mind. For thousands of years, people have used the practice of meditation to release their stress, anger and frustration If we really think about it, meditation is much more than a spiritual practice; it's a journey of peace and healing. And once we master it, the benefits you will discover are invaluable, I share with you so many ways we all can benefit by adding in meditation, and I help you to get started. With regular meditation, it helps us to build resilience, break old habits bring awareness and we can stay in a relaxed state of mind and so much more! Minimize stress and tension!  As a result, we will be happier, healthier and more satisfied than we ever were. Meditation is a bridge to finding inner peace within, is not only the book title. When we pray, it is us talking to Source, The Creator, God, The Universe, but when we meditate, we are hearing from God, Source, Creator, The Universe, Divine. Let's go on a journey together in Part 3 of The Jamm With Me Series, Meditation, A Bridge To Finding Peace Within. In this incredible encyclopedic text packed with both practical and theoretical knowledge, you'll learn exactly how to use the amazing tool of meditation to make your life better overall in the areas of the mind, body and spirit. More specifically, you'll learn about:? The origin and history of meditation? Health benefits of meditation? How to meditate to reap maximum benefits? Proven meditation techniques that work every time, for everyone ? Guided meditation Scripts, an Introduction to MindfulnessBONUS: Authentic Talks Journal, Journal prompts & Tools to add in your Toolbox, Aura's, Frequencies -Hz, and moreYour Bridge To Finding Peace from within starts with this book. Download your copy today and start meditating!

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