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Welcome to Authentic Talks 2.0


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About Authentic Talks 2.0 

Authentic T.A.L.K.S = Transforming and Learning Knowledge of Self

Authentic Talks is about Growth, Love, Respect Success. Mind. Body. Spirit.

This podcast was created to inspire you!

I call it a spiritual birth, each week I feature various guests who share tips and leave tools to add to your toolbox.

In the first episode "Evicting Fear" I share with you why it took so long to get here, it was Fear. Fear of what others would think, and many other fears. After a while, you get tired of getting in your own way and eventually you face fear head-on and I did that. I Evicted Fear.  Guess what, It still shows up and it looks different each time. Facing our fears is a part of our growth.

If you want to grow and become your Authentic Self, then this is the podcast for you! We have real conversations with a focus on adapting to a changing society & making the world a better place starting from within ourselves. Elevating our Minds.

I share my unique life experiences and how we can continue to work on becoming our best selves.

We have to find ways to continue to level up & rise above all the BS that comes our way! We can do this! 

Authentic Talks 2.0 Podcast has been on the podcast charts as early as the first 60 days of the show airing and continues to hit the charts in a variety of countries. Although this is not why I do this show, I wanted to share with you the mission is being accomplished, changing lives for the better, one amazing guest at a time! 

Authentic Talks 2.0 offers you amazing guests who come on and who are not afraid to have an authentic talk and provide you with tips and tools to implement. 

Lastly, look around the page and come back again. Check out my sage store.


Author of: Jamm With Me, A Journey To Your Higher Self; Pick Up The Pen Journaling Is Good for Our Mental Health.

 If you are need of assistance from a Licensed Therapist, please research your local area and research. I hold a Masters in Metaphysics of Counseling, and am a Certified Transformational Life Coach with a focus on Mind. Body. Spirit. Holding many certifications in areas of wellness. 

This is a five-part book series titled Jamm with me, A Journey To Your Higher Self.

Amazing things happen when we face our fears. 

Sending you tons of positivity, love, and light, Coach Shanta